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The Andy Roddick Foundation is focused on closing the educational achievement gap by providing children with abundant opportunities outside the classroom.

Students spend almost
of their waking hours outside the classroom. So we focus on those hours of opportunity outside the school day.

We understand that talent is universal but opportunity is not, and we know that opportunity matters. Children in low-income communities consistently have less opportunities to learn outside the classroom than their better-off peers do. By addressing this ongoing opportunity gap that exists between lower income students and their peers, all students can grow, thrive, and succeed.

To do this, the Andy Roddick Foundation is launching its new strategy over 2014 and 2015. Because students spend almost 80% of their waking hours outside the classroom, we want to focus on those hours of opportunity outside of school. This includes building high-quality summer learning opportunities, making investments in effective after school and summer programs, and partnering with others to collectively impact that future of students in the Austin community by ensuring they have access to a continuum of high-quality opportunities outside the school day. This is all designed to build resilient students that have the skills, traits, and opportunities needed to reach their full potential.

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